Friday, June 20, 2014

666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue (2012)


Rachael Taylor: Jane Van Veen
Greys Anatomy
She is Australian which would explain her beautiful accent.

Dave Annable: Henry Martin
Brothers and Sisters (we'd make fun of mom because of this)

Vanessa Williams: Olivia Doran
Desperate Housewives
Soul Food
Ugly Betty (she's well-known needless to say)

Terry O'Quinn: Gavin Doran
Primal Fear
The Stepfather
X-Files (use to be terrified of this show)

What a joy to just pick up and move to New York, but not just move to New York but to live in the Drake building on 666 Park Avenue. Jane and Henry are the new residents and managers of the Drake and this is their life and the many turns it takes living in the Drake.

Also in the Drake the residents get whatever they want for a small personal fee.

It was on ABC. Regular TV usually means it can't be that bad and it really isn't. There's barely any swearing and it's not much drinking.

Rating: Popcorn with butter
It's a really great show and I'm really sad it's not returning. From time to time it did lose my attention. Sometimes the acting wasn't the best but it gets better as the show went on. Also there were a lot of those predictive scenes, the ones showing people who look good but you know are evil, and then the ones where people like to think the main character is crazy but they really aren't. The couple was cute though and very supportive of each other which was nice to see. Plus as a bonus the ending had a twist (how could you hate a plot twist!). I actually started watching it because I just wanted to start another show and I remembered it was on TV.