Friday, September 12, 2014


As you know Netflix has a wide range of original series and the collection keeps getting bigger. Starting with Lilyhammer Netflix has 7 originals and many continuations.

Lilyhammer (2012):
Frank testifies against the Mafia and witness protection sends him to Norway. I hope when you watch this you're not expecting him to give up on his Mafia ways. It's a really good TV comedy that's 2 seasons in.

House of Cards (2013):
Based off the BBC miniseries, this politician's goal is to take the white house as his own. Starring Kevin Spacey, this political drama has collected Emmys and a Golden Globe during its two seasons on Netflix.

Hemlock Grove (2013):
This small town in Pennslyvania holds darkest evil around. Hemlock Grove is a TV horror based on a book. It is good, if you sit through it and understand that it's based around wild horror characters. There is always something new or interesting coming up and with two seasons already you can sit back and enjoy the horror on screen.

Orange Is The New Black (2013):
This hilarious TV show is about a woman who ends up in prison. This show is based off of a memoir written by the real Piper Kerman and you follow her through all her realizations of how people really are. Netflix has given us two seasons of laughing, crying, and yelling.

Bojack Horseman (2014):
He started out as the beloved horse of the '90s and now he's nothing like that. This may be a cartoon but it is not for kids. Bojack is conceited but trying to get his life together. It may be only one season but it's 6 hours of laughs and little realizations.

Southcliffe (2013):
This one season Netflix original is about a journalist who goes back to his hometown to write a story about a mass shooting. I have not yet watched it yet and I'm a little skeptical because Netflix believes I'll only give it two stars. It's apparently been on Netflix since 2013 but I didn't notice it until a month ago.

Happy Valley (2014):
Another one season Netflix original, a police officer is pursing the man who assaulted her (now dead) daughter but she doesn't know he's apart of a secret kidnapping plan. I haven't seen this one either but Netflix says I'll give it 5 stars.

Coming soon (within the next week) I'll have a podcast talking about the first episode in every Netflix Original to tell you what's it's all about!

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