Must See Documentaries

Yes the Chattie Sisters are also big Documentary watchers. Here are a list of our top 10 favorites.

Healthy Eating

Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change gives an insight on the different types of foods we eat, juicing, weight loss myths, and how your attitude toward yourself can hinder good habits.

Super Size Me

This was a test to see what happens to your body if you eat only McDonalds everyday for thirty days. 


Waiting for Superman

This documentary compared the public school system to charter schools. It highlighted the negatives of public schooling and how a group of candidates awaited to see if they were selected in a lottery to attend a charter school. "The Lottery" is similar to this one another great watch.

American Teacher

This documentary profiled a group of teachers and how they are dedicated but terribly underpaid. It also highlighted tenure and how some teachers should not be teaching.


The Secret

This documentary teaches you how to have faith in what you want. How to believe that if you want something bad enough it can be yours. Your thoughts create your Universe.

Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey

This was a very interesting look at yoga and spirituality. I enjoyed watching the different stages of yoga and how it can be healing.


Bowling for Columbine

This documentary looks into the violence in our schools.  It touches on the horrible high school shooting in Columbine.

Russia's Toughest Prisons

This documentary shows how inmates are treated in Russia. Russia seriously has some tough prisons compared to America.


30 For 30: Broke

This documentary is about how professional football players go broke soon after their contracts end. They talk about how they went broke and how some of them are homeless or has turned to substance abuse.

Venus and Serena

My all time fav tennis players, this movie documents how they became at the top of their game. It also documents their failures and their battle with illness. 

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